Dear Vincent,

Dad saw an advertisement for a toy drone on tv and now he thinks there’s one spying on him through the window. Almost his exact words: “Well it’s either that or aliens”. What a time to be alive!

And P.S., instead of “Suffolk-upon-shire”, I’m thinking “Suffolk-a-champs” (accent pending) because it mirrors the English-French of what I envision to be the dark mirror of my current hometown. It also more closely resembles “suffocation”, which is what I was going for in the first place.

Oh! I think the next chapter should be The Cat Who Was Supposed To Be A Dog, because Jack has been meowing incessantly for the past week or so. The only time she shuts up is if she’s asleep, eating, or otherwise occupied. Or if we put her in her “shut up shirt”, pictured below.

She hates it so much!

She hates it so much!

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